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Customer Favorites: A Showcase of the Most Loved Dishes at Rustico Taverna

Rustico Taverna, at 6517 Fresh Pond Road, Queens, is known for its delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. However, amidst our diverse menu, some dishes have found a special place in our customers' hearts. Here, we'd like to honor those favorites.

1. White and Red Pizzas: Our artisanal pizzas, whether featuring a tangy tomato base (Red) or a rich and creamy mozzarella base (White), are a hit amongst our patrons. With a variety of quality toppings, our pizzas cater to everyone's tastes.

2. Fried Calamari: These golden, crispy morsels of tender calamari, served with a flavorful dip, are the perfect starter to any meal.

3. Polpo alla Griglia: Grilled octopus with celery, kalamata olives, and lime- EVOO dressing.

4. Caprese Salad: Imported bufala mozzarella with tomato, basil, oregano, and EVOO.

These dishes embody the spirit of Rustico Taverna, showcasing authentic Italian flavors and quality ingredients. We invite you to experience these favorites and discover your own.

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