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Dive into the Depths of Flavor: Rustico Taverna's Fresh Seafood Selection

When it comes to Italian cuisine, seafood holds a place of honor, and at Rustico Taverna, we're proud to showcase the richness of Italy's maritime tradition. Located at 6517 Fresh Pond Road, Queens, NY, we bring you an array of delectable seafood dishes that delight both the eyes and the palate.

Our 'From the Sea' menu is a culinary journey through the bountiful Italian coast. From antipasti to mains, we handpick the freshest seafood, infuse it with authentic Italian herbs, and cook it to perfection to bring out the best flavors.

Some of our patrons' favorite dishes include:

1. 'Linguine Alla Vongole' - Linguine served with fresh clams in a garlic and white wine sauce, a classic Italian favorite.

2. 'Polpo Alla Griglia' - Grilled octopus served with arugula and cherry tomatoes, a taste of the Mediterranean in every bite.

3. 'Salmone Ai 3 Pepi' - Wild Norwegian salmon served with a unique three-pepper crust, a Rustico Taverna specialty.

If you're a seafood lover, Rustico Taverna is a destination you simply cannot miss. Pay us a visit and let our menu take you on an extraordinary sea-to-table journey!

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