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Old World Flavors, Modern Palate: The Reborn of Ancient Italian Grains in Rustico Taverna's Dishes

Rustico Taverna, nestled at 6517 Fresh Pond Road in Queens, is bringing the old-world flavors back to life with the renaissance of ancient Italian grains in our dishes. As a vibrant element of our menu, these grains are not just a nod to Italian culinary tradition, but they are also packed with nutritional benefits.

From farro to spelt, these ancient grains have nourished Italians for centuries, making their way into numerous regional dishes and artisanal breads. We have resurrected these grains from Italy's culinary history to enrich our dishes, infusing them with a unique flavor and texture that is both rustic and refined.

Join us at Rustico Taverna to experience how we blend tradition and innovation in our Italian cuisine, starting with the time-honored grains of Italy

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