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Preserving La Cucina Italiana: Rustico Taverna's Commitment to Italian Culinary Traditions

At Rustico Taverna, located at 6517 Fresh Pond Road in Queens, NY, we're not just serving up food; we're keeping Italian culinary traditions alive. Our commitment to authenticity is present in each carefully crafted dish that leaves our kitchen, where age-old recipes meet fresh, quality ingredients.

Our mission is to offer a real taste of Italy right here in Queens, keeping the time-honored customs of la cucina Italiana front and center. Whether it's the slow-simmered ragù on your pasta or the perfectly charred crust on your pizza, the heart of Italian cooking beats in every bite.

Join us at Rustico Taverna and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the richness and diversity of Italy’s gastronomic heritage.

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