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Savor the Flavors: Unveiling the Best Italian Burger Recipes at Rustico Taverna

Burgers and Italy might seem an unlikely duo, but at Rustico Taverna, we strive to blend traditional Italian flavors with America's favorite fast food. Situated at 6517 Fresh Pond Road, Queens, NY, Rustico Taverna is taking the quintessential burger and giving it an Italian twist that is simply irresistible.

Our burger menu showcases the diverse and robust flavors of Italy. From the hearty 'Lombarda Burger' loaded with our signature crispy onions and topped with Taleggio cheese to the 'Barese Burger' dressed with smoked provola and caramelized onions. Each one is a testament to our commitment to bring the authentic tastes of Italy to our patrons.

What makes our Italian burgers unique is our meticulous attention to the ingredients. Freshly baked buns, high-quality meats, and authentic Italian cheeses combine to create an explosion of flavors. Every bite tells a story, a journey through Italy's diverse gastronomic regions.

Experience the joy of a perfect Italian burger right here in Queens, at Rustico Taverna. Buon appetito!

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