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The Art of Flavor: Infusing Olive Oil with Fresh Herbs at Rustico Taverna

At Rustico Taverna, the secret to our authentic Italian dishes lies in the details. One such detail is the meticulous art of infusing olive oil with fresh herbs. Today, we'll walk you through our process and reveal how this technique elevates our culinary offerings.

Olive oil is a cornerstone of Italian cuisine, and at Rustico Taverna, it's no different. We use extra virgin olive oil, celebrated for its quality, flavor, and numerous health benefits. However, we go a step further by infusing it with fresh, aromatic herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme. This process adds a depth of flavor to the oil, making it a versatile addition to our kitchen.

Our chef begins by picking the freshest herbs, ensuring they are free from pesticides. The herbs are then carefully washed, patted dry, and slightly bruised to release their aromatic oils. The olive oil is gently heated, and the herbs are added, allowing their flavors to meld with the oil.

After this, the oil is left to cool and then strained, leaving behind an olive oil beautifully imbued with the essence of the herbs. This herb-infused olive oil adds a new dimension to our dishes, enhancing their flavor profiles and leaving our guests with a memorable dining experience.

Located at 6517 Fresh Pond Road in Queens, NY, Rustico Taverna is committed to providing an authentic Italian dining experience. We invite you to come and savor the difference our herb-infused olive oil makes to our Italian recipes

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