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The Italian Aperitivo: A Time-Honored Tradition Experienced at Rustico Taverna

🥂🇮🇹 Picture yourself nestled in a warm Italian piazza, the sun setting, a light breeze ruffling the air, and a tantalizing spread of appetizers paired with the perfect pre-dinner drink in hand - this is the essence of the Italian Aperitivo. We invite you to experience this captivating Italian ritual at Rustico Taverna, located at 6517 Fresh Pond Road, Queens, NY.

The tradition of Aperitivo traces back to the vibrant regions of Italy, where the notion of whetting the appetite before the main meal became a cherished social event. More than just a 'happy hour,' the Aperitivo is a celebration of food, drink, and above all, companionship.

At Rustico Taverna, we embody the spirit of Aperitivo through our carefully curated selection of drinks and bite-sized dishes designed to stimulate your palate and prepare you for the culinary delights to come. From our list of wines and cocktails to a delectable assortment of small plates, our Aperitivo sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Experience the magic of an authentic Italian Aperitivo at Rustico Taverna. We invite you to join us in embracing this wonderful tradition, all while soaking up the ambiance of our restaurant - a little slice of Italy right here in Queens.

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