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Towards Sustainability: Rustico Taverna's Devotion to a Waste-Free Kitchen

In our quest to deliver authentic Italian cuisine, Rustico Taverna, situated at 6517 Fresh Pond Road, Queens, is taking determined strides towards maintaining a waste-free kitchen.

Our commitment to a sustainable environment extends to every aspect of our operations. As we meticulously craft our Italian specialties, we've implemented a comprehensive approach to food waste reduction, making the most out of every ingredient we use. Not only does this reflect our respect for the environment, but it also mirrors the ethos of Italian cuisine – honoring the ingredients.

Moreover, we're constantly exploring and employing innovative strategies to minimize food waste, and we're proud of our progress so far. It's about staying true to our roots, offering delicious food, and preserving the environment for future generations. Come to Rustico Taverna and enjoy the true Italian culinary experience in a restaurant that cares for the planet as much as it does for flavor

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