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Understanding the Difference: A Deep Dive into Rustico Taverna's Red and White Pizzas

At Rustico Taverna, our pizzaiolos proudly uphold the artisan traditions of Italian pizza making at our prime location at 6517 Fresh Pond Road, Queens. One of the great debates amongst pizza lovers is the choice between red and white pizzas. Here, we'd like to clear the air and appreciate the unique qualities of both.

Red pizza, or pizza rossa, features the classic tomato sauce as its base, complemented with ingredients like mozzarella, basil, and other toppings. Our red sauce is a testament to the ripe Italian tomatoes, seasoned with the perfect balance of herbs and spices.

White pizza, or pizza bianca, on the other hand, eschews tomato sauce in favor of a rich, creamy base, typically involving more cheese and/or a white sauce. The result is a decadently rich pizza that allows the toppings to shine.

Both styles have their fans, and at Rustico Taverna, we celebrate both in their full glory. Whether you prefer the tangy complexity of a red pizza or the indulgent richness of a white one, we have your cravings covered

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